Jan Söndermann

Lei Ping

The Team

We are a team of language learners who are excited about making the kind of material we would like to use ourselves. Our first product is the Primlo app that teaches you spoken Chinese with thousands of audio sentences.

Our Philosophy

We believe time spent learning a language is best spent in one of two ways: intensive, focussed studying and consumption of native media.

We believe the sentence is the ideal unit of focussed language study. Words lack context, texts and conversations quickly become unwieldy and hard to digest. We believe time studying should be fun but focussed and sentences are the ideal format for that.

We believe a fundamental property of good learning material is that it can be remixed: it gives you a stock of words, patterns and expressions that you can recombine to express your own thoughts. This is another reason we believe in sentences: unlike words, they teach you grammar and usage but unlike texts, they are ideal building blocks that you can use as raw material to formulate your own ideas.

We believe that language learning material is only useful insofar as it captures culture and society in all their facets. There is nothing more boring and useless than stale and bowdlerized text book dialogues.

We believe writing our sentences in Chinese and translating them to English is the only way to produce real, authentic content. It lets us write sentences that use colloquialisms, idioms and grammar the way Chinese people do instead of trying to make the Chinese sentence fit an English way of thinking.